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A Shoulder For You To Cry On
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Sunday, December 4th, 2005
5:42 pm
ok guys im sorry i completely forgot i made this lol...so now we have 3 members thats cool and everything, but this would really work better the more people that are in it....so tell other people about it id appreciate it! thanks guys

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
3:45 am
OK here is a thing I dont know what to do on...LOL Well I have a guy friend who I've known for 3 years (This is the 3rd year) and he has liked me all throughout these 3 years but he has never asked me out becuz he knows I dont like him. (His name is Daniel) Well on Sunday I was just on the phone with my friend named Elle, and we were just talking like regular, and she said "Why dont we give Daniel a call just to say hi?!" I said OK, so she 3-wayed him. Then al 3 of us we just talkingand somehow we got in the subject of boyfriends and girlfriends. Out of no where Daniel says to me, "hey Brittany do you know I like you?" And I waited a moment and said "yeah I know" And he says "Well do you want to be my girlfriend?" And I was dead silent for like a moment and I siad I dunno.
Well Daniel is like a best friend to me and I dont wanna go out with him ,but I dont know how to say no. What should I do??

Current Mood: confused
Monday, November 28th, 2005
10:02 pm
So cool! I guess this is a new group... I really like the idea though...and the desing & colors are so nice. Feels peaceful already :-)

I'm here to share and to support.

I definetly have problems, some worst than others.

Actally at this time, I am very stressed. My ex is going to court on Friday for having pushed me down some stairs (this was just one time...but it happened many, many times before). I finally got the courage to make a complaint. The thing is, I am stressing because we've been seperated since January and this incident happened in September... I'm the one who went to his house. I'm the one who was keeping more contact with him. He did contact me too (if I didn't contact him) but anyway, it is such a long story and I don't really feel like getting into it.

Basically I feel scared and guilty, kinda like it's my fault for having gone there. I wasn't harrassing him but that's what he says. He's distorted reality to make himself not look like that bad person...and it's really affected me. Already my self-esteem was crushed because of the 2 abusive years that I was with him PLUS he's the one who left me...and moved in with someone almost right away... so I did act in stupid ways. But never did I do anyting to hurt him, threatened him or do anyting criminal. HE'S the one who abused me in many ways when we were together and even after we seperated.

And you know, even after all this, sometimes I still miss him.... Especially now 'cause Christmas is coming. I ask myself, does he miss us (my son and I) and little bit? Does he regret some things? Does he really love this new girlfriend? I know I am torturing myself thinking about those things...but it's hard. I would never go back with him because he scares me and I can't trust him but I do miss the good days and the good part of our relationship.

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
4:19 pm
YAY! I am the first to post! Anyway, Do you think I could stay friends with someone very close to me, even if they are vegetarian, and I am not? When I went hunting, my vegetarian friend got upset. I dont want to make her mad or anything for what I do. How can I make sure I dont ruin our friendship?

Current Mood: crazy
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